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There are benefits to working with us to deliver services to your customers.

Access to services

When you register with us as a digital service provider you'll be able to access our gateway services environments so you can integrate with our services.

You'll be given access to:

  • business and technical documentation to use our services
  • our mock services (sandbox) environment
  • our test environments
  • our support services.

Your account manager will make sure you have access to our latest documents and test environments.

You'll need to be familiar with our information disclosure policy.

Information disclosure

Getting started guide

Services catalogue

Work with us

Our team will support you across the entire software development lifecycle, which includes:

  • initial registration
  • testing and deployment to production
  • managing the ongoing relationship for service use in the production environment.

Get in touch with us if you want to talk about volume changes, your product roadmap and innovative uses of our gateway services.

Service availability and changes

In order for gateway services to be good quality and suitable for practical use, you may need to give us information or help with testing in tight timeframes. Delays with this can affect the planned availability of our services.

Sometimes we’ll need to make changes to, replace or stop a service. We’ll try to give you as much notice as we can, however this may not always be possible.

Availability of our services

The benefits of working with us

There are a number of benefits to working with us on your software development.

Innovative and tailored solutions

Easier integration, on-demand data exchange, improved data quality and innovative designs mean you can develop software solutions that meet customer needs.

Near real-time data exchange and improved data quality

Digitally integrating with us means near real-time data exchange. Customers do not need to email or call us - they have direct access to data we hold about their business.

When data is exchanged digitally there's less manual work and fewer errors. As data quality improves, so does the accuracy and data processing speed.

Last updated: 20 May 2024
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