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You can use this process to make a deposit to an income equalisation scheme.

We no longer accept cheques. All payments must be made electronically unless you have an exemption.

Go to your income equalisation scheme account in myIR

Select your income equalisation (EQU) or environmental restoration (ERA) account. If you do not have an account, you’ll need to register for one.

Register for income equalisation in myIR

You can register for an ERA account by writing to us in myIR or by post. Do not make an ERA payment until you are registered for an ERA account.

Select 'make a payment' under 'I want to'

Follow the prompts

Follow the prompts to make a payment.

Use the code EQU for income equalisation and ERA for environmental restoration.

If the payment is being made outside the specified period, send us a message in myIR explaining why.

Do it in myIR

What happens next

Once your payment has processed, you’ll be able to see the updated account balance in myIR.

We will pre-populate the deposit into your income profile and the correct income tax return.

You can also make payments:

  • by credit card
  • through the ‘pay tax’ option in online banking
  • over the counter at a Westpac bank branch.

Include in your payment references:

  • the year the payment is for
  • your scheme code (EQU for income equalisation payments or ERA for environmental restoration payments)

If the payment is being made after the specified period, you'll also need to tell us the reason why it's late.