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Ki te panoni tōku āhuatanga If my work situation changes

Changing your contributions to your KiwiSaver when your work situation changes.
Those who want to change their contributions due to changed circumstances.
Choose a rate that suits your new situation.


If you leave a job - voluntarily or involuntarily you can still contribute to your KiwiSaver scheme. If you're going to a new job fill in the KiwiSaver deduction - KS2 form and hand it to your new employer.

If you're not going into a new job you can still make voluntary contributions at any time. Contact your KiwiSaver provider and talk to them about your situation.

If you're no longer eligible to be a member with your current KiwiSaver scheme provider, then you'll move to a new scheme.

 Changing to another provider

School employees

If you work in a state or integrated school, the Board of Trustees is your employer for KiwiSaver purposes. If you change schools, you're treated as starting new employment. If you're not already in KiwiSaver you will be automatically enrolled even though you stay on the same payroll.

Working more than one job

If you start working a secondary job:

  • contributions should be deducted from any new jobs you start, as well as your main employment
  • all your employers will make compulsory contributions.

If you have multiple jobs prior to joining KiwiSaver, deductions are only required either from:

  • the job started at the date of joining KiwiSaver if you were automatically enrolled
  • the job you nominate if you opted-in. 

If you have multiple jobs after joining KiwiSaver, deductions are required from any new employment started since joining KiwiSaver. You can apply for a KiwiSaver savings suspensions to stop deductions from each job as required.

If deductions are being made from your pay, generally your employer will need to make compulsory employer contributions as well.

Two jobs with one employer

KiwiSaver deductions are taken from the total gross salary or wages paid by that employer regardless if this is for more than one position with the same employer.

Self employed

If you make regular contributions directly to your KiwiSaver scheme provider and you stop working, let your scheme provider know. 

Last updated: 02 Jul 2021
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