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If you receive a property as part of a relationship property agreement, you will not pay tax on the property when it's transferred to you.

However, you may need to pay tax on any profit when you sell it.

You take on the original buyer's intentions

If the person who originally bought the property and transferred it to you would have had to pay income tax when they sold it, then you will too.

For example, if the original buyer bought the property as an investment, intending to resell it, then they would have had to pay tax on the eventual sale. And so will you, when you sell the property.

Bright-line and relationship property

The bright-line property rule looks at how long both you and the previous owner held the property for. You are treated as having bought the property at the same time and for the same price as the person you received it from.

The bright-line property rule

Other situations

Here are all the situations that may apply.

When you need to pay tax on property sales 

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Last updated: 17 Jan 2024
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