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If you're a New Zealand tax resident, you pay New Zealand tax on your worldwide income, including income from selling overseas property.

This means New Zealand’s tax rules apply to any property you buy or sell in other countries.

If a property sale would be taxable in New Zealand, you need to:

  • include the overseas income in your New Zealand income tax return
  • pay any tax owing.

Paying tax to other countries

If you're a New Zealand tax resident who earned income selling a property in another country, you may also need to pay tax there under that country's tax rules.

You may be able to get credit for taxes paid overseas on the same property if a double tax agreement (DTA) is in place with that country.

Overseas property sales also come under the bright-line property rule, where you may need to pay tax if you sell a property within a certain time-frame.

If this situation applies to you and you need advice, contact your tax advisor.

Renting out an overseas property
Double tax agreements (DTAs)

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2023
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