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GST and rental income from renting out residential property either short-term or long-term
People who get rental income from renting out residential property

There's no GST to pay on rental income from long-term residential renting. You also cannot claim GST on your long-term rental expenses.

Short-term rental income is different. You may have GST to pay on income you get from renting out residential property short-term (for example through Airbnb, Bookabach or Holiday Houses) because it’s a taxable activity.  

You may have to pay GST on any short-term rental income from renting out:

  • a room in your house
  • your whole house
  • another residential property (not your main home), for example an investment property or one you intended to sell or flip
  • a cottage, caravan or sleep-out (on your property)
  • a holiday home.

GST when you’re registered 

If you’re registered for GST, there are ongoing requirements once you’re registered. These are:

  • administrative requirements, such as filing your GST returns, issuing invoices and keeping good records
  • change-in-use adjustments if you change your property's use from taxable to non-taxable use
  • GST when you sell your property.

GST (goods and services tax)

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Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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