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You only need to register for the research and development tax loss credit once. You do not have to register for every year you want to apply.

This registration if for R&D loss tax credit only. It is not the same registration for the R&D tax incentive. 

Find out if you are eligible

Check if you are eligible for the research and development loss tax credit. 

Eligibility for the research and development tax loss credit

Gather your information

When you register we will ask for the following: 

  • IRD number 
  • full trading name
  • legal name
  • physical address
  • postal address (only if different from physical address) 
  • website address
  • business phone number.

You will also be required to supply: 

  • contact name 
  • position in the company 
  • company mobile phone number 
  • email address.

What happens next

You should hear from us within 5 working days. If you don't get a response within that time, contact us or email us at r&