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Ngā kamupene pāeko Non-active companies


If you're no longer trading, you may apply for an exemption from filing tax returns by completing a Non-active company declaration - IR433 form.

A non-active company is a company that has:

  • not derived any gross income
  • no deductions
  • not disposed of any assets.

If the company is registered for GST, the registration must be ceased. If it is a member of a group, it must withdraw.

Non-active companies cannot have any transactions during the year that gave rise to:

  • gross income for any person
  • fringe benefits to any employee or any former employee
  • a debit in the company's imputation credit account.

If your application is accepted, you'll no longer be required to file tax returns or prepare financial reports until your company is reactivated. If you don't have an exemption then you must file a return, otherwise you will be charged a late filing penalty.