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Paying tax on your schedular payments

In most cases your payer deducts tax from each schedular payment before they pay you.

If your payer does not deduct tax you need to pay the tax yourself by the 20th of the month after you get paid.

You need to get an IRD number and a New Zealand bank account. Talk to us about getting these.


You can apply for an exemption from paying income tax in New Zealand. You pay the tax in your home country instead.

You or your payer can apply for an exemption if you are:

  • an entertainer performing in a government-sponsored cultural programme
  • an entertainer performing in a cultural programme promoted by an overseas non-profit organisation
  • a sportsperson representing the national organisation of your sport
  • a US resident receiving fees of US$10,000 or less between 1 April and 31 March.

An exemption is granted for one event only. You or your payer need to apply for an exemption every time you want one.

Talk to us about applying for a tax exemption.

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