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Our payment terms

If you have a contract with us, it will state the payment terms.

Our standard payment terms apply if there is no contract in place, or no other payment terms are specified, Standard  payment terms mean payment is made by the 20th of the month after we have received your invoice. For example, if we receive an invoice in January, it will be paid on 20 February.

Our payment method

Our payment method is electronic funds transfer (EFT). This means payments can be deposited directly into your designated bank account. We will endeavour to email a remittance advice confirming the EFT payment on the day the payment is made.

Changing your payment method

To change your payment method, we need to verify your bank account details. You can do this by sending us:

  • a bank deposit slip (a scanned copy will be fine), or
  • a screenshot showing your bank account details (please block out any account activity).

The screenshot must have both the bank's logo and the account number. Make sure the bank account you use on the invoice is the one we will be verifying.

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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