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You can file the estate or trust beneficiary details - IR6B when you file your estate or trust return – IR6 or do it through our myIR file upload service. 

Beneficiary information required

For the 2021-22 tax year onwards an IR6B must be filed for every beneficiary that receives a distribution (whether taxable or non-taxable) in the income year with the:

  • beneficiary details – name, date of birth, IRD or taxpayer identification number (if they have one)
  • details of distributions to the beneficiary
  • taxable income and tax credits allocated to the beneficiary.

File through our myIR file upload service

If you have many beneficiaries you may wish to use our file upload service. You'll need to make sure that the information you send us meets the file upload specifications.

You can use the template provided to send us the information. To do this, delete the header row on the template, add the beneficiary details then save the document as a CSV file. You can then upload it to myIR.

Last updated: 23 Feb 2022
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