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Online marketplaces must report information about reportable sellers and themselves. They will need to contact sellers to collect some of this information.

Who are sellers?

A reportable seller is someone who registers with an online marketplace to offer relevant services. They do not have to be actively selling on the online marketplace. Sellers may be individuals or entities (organisations).

Active sellers

Active sellers provide relevant services during 1 January to 31 December in any year, or they receive income from relevant services in that time.

Excluded sellers

Providers of relevant services excluded from the reporting requirements include:

  • businesses that have listed more than 2,000 nights of accommodation in a 12-month period
  • a listed company selling on the online marketplace.

Seller information to report

For each reportable seller, the online marketplace must report the following details:

Sellers who are individuals (sole traders):

  • first name and last name
  • primary address
  • jurisdictions the seller is resident
  • tax identification number (TIN) issued to them, for example an IRD number for New Zealand tax residents, and the jurisdiction that issued it
  • date of birth.

Sellers who are entities (organisations):

  • legal name
  • primary address
  • jurisdictions the seller is resident
  • tax identification number (TIN) issued to them, for example an IRD number for New Zealand tax residents, and the jurisdiction that issued it
  • business registration number, for example an NZBN for New Zealand companies.

Immovable property information to report

For both types of sellers, online marketplaces must report the following information for each immovable property that is used as a relevant service:

  • address of each property listing 
  • land registration number (if known)
  • number of days each property listing was rented during the calendar year
  • the type of each property listing using the categories in the XML schema (if known).

Activities and seller income to report

Online marketplaces must report on the following for each reportable seller and immovable property:

  • total seller's income or consideration paid or credited
  • number of relevant activities carried out to which that consideration relates
  • fees, commissions or taxes withheld or charged
  • financial account identifier (where available)
  • name of the holder of the financial account where the consideration is paid or credited.

This information must be reported for each quarter of the calendar year.

If multiple parties are jointly registered as sellers, the total consideration should be reported for each seller. If the online marketplace can reliably determine the amount attributable to each seller, only their amount should be reported.

Sales of goods and personal services in a single transaction

If a transaction involves both the sale of goods and the provision of a personal service and both can be identified separately, then the personal service component should be reported.

Where they cannot be separately identified, then the entire transaction should be reported, unless the personal service component is ancillary to the non-reportable element.

Self-reporting requirements

Online marketplace operators must report the following information about themselves:

  • their name
  • their registered office address
  • their TIN
  • business name for each platform for which the online marketplace is reporting.

Reporting on behalf of other online marketplaces

An online marketplace can report the information on behalf of another online marketplace. If you’re not the reporting online marketplace, you will still need to register and file information identifying the online marketplace reporting on your behalf. Keep proof that the required information has been reported.

Reporting to sellers

Marketplace operators must provide sellers with a copy of the information reported about them by 7 February.

Last updated: 03 Apr 2024
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