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You can apply for a review, objection or exemption when you think we have something wrong or you cannot pay.


You can apply for an administrative review when you think the amount we have worked out in our formula assessment is wrong. You can apply under one or more of the 12 grounds which cover things like expenses we do not know about, having another child or person in your care, unexpected costs or inability to earn income. 

Either the paying parent or the receiving carer can apply for a review. 


You can object when you disagree with a child support decision. Anyone involved or who might be affected by the formula assessment can object.

You can object to our decision: 

  • to make or refuse to make a formula assessment of child support
  • about the proportion of ongoing daily care that a carer provides
  • that a child is or is not a dependent child
  • to accept the other person's choice to end a formula assessment
  • to refuse to accept a choice to end a formula assessment or to overturn the acceptance of a choice to end a formula assessment
  • to refuse to accept an estimation
  • to issue an assessment because you have estimated but did not file your income tax return
  • to impose a penalty
  • to accept an application for a voluntary agreement.


In certain circumstances a paying parent can stop paying child support. This is called an exemption.

We can look into an exemption when the paying parent is:

  • under 16 years old
  • in prison for at least 13 weeks in a row
  • in hospital or a rehabilitation centre for at least 13 weeks in a row  
  • the victim of a sex offence.

Only one of these circumstances needs to apply. Each has its own application form.