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If we have sent you a text, email or letter with a reference number from us, you need to provide us with your details through our remediation portal.

Remediation portal  

If you have any questions or cannot access the portal, please email us with your details and we’ll get back to you.

[email protected]

Find more information about the payments.

Holiday Act remediation payments for former employees

Before you start

You’ll need the following information before starting the process on the remediation portal:

  • Your IRD number
  • A Tax code declaration form - IR330
  • A KiwiSaver deduction form - KS2 (if you are currently a KiwiSaver member)
  • Your bank account details (you’ll need to specify if this is an overseas bank account)
  • The reference number from the communication we sent you
  • A marriage, birth or dissolution of marriage certificate if your name has changed during the period stated
  • A current driver licence or passport (a passport is required for anyone currently residing overseas).

Log in to the portal

Remediation portal

  • Click ‘First time logging in/reset password’.
  • Enter your reference number then click ‘Submit’.
  • On the New Password page, answer both security questions then click ‘Submit’.
  • Your new password will be displayed on this page in bold. Copy your password then click ‘Login Page’. This will take you back to the Sign In page.
  • Enter your Reference number then paste in your password and click ‘Sign In’.

Verify your identity

Verify your bank account details

Submit your details

What happens next

Once you have submitted, we will verify your details.

If we verify your details 3 business days or more before the 20th of a month, you will receive your payment on the 20th of that month. If not, you will receive your payment by the 20th of the next month.

If the 20th of a month is a weekend or public holiday, you will be paid the next business day.

We will email you a confirmation of the payment.