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Budget 2024 | The Government has announced proposed changes to personal income tax, the independent earner tax credit, in-work tax credit, the minimum family tax credit and the interest rate charged for overseas based student loans. They have also provided more information on FamilyBoost. Find out more:

We provide a service for the owners of unclaimed money. Find out if we are holding unclaimed money that is yours, and if we are, how you can claim it.

Unclaimed money

Who sends us the money 

The holder listed is in our database is the name of the organisation that sent us the money. Most of the time this will be the organisation you interacted with, but sometimes you may have known the organisation by a different name.

Here are some examples.

  • A legal firm’s partnership makeup has changed – you may have known them as ABC Lawyers, and now they are ACG Lawyers.
  • A business has merged with another – you may have dealt with a company that went through a merger, and the new company name is listed.
  • A business or franchise will show under the name we hold for them which may not be the trade name you are familiar with.

Once the money has been passed to us, it is published in our searchable database. Owners can search this database at any time. 

25-year limit

Money stays in the database for no longer than 25 years. If no one claims the money in this time, it is removed from the database and no further claims can be made.

Missing details

Sometimes we cannot publish amounts of unclaimed money. For example, if an amount is submitted without a name to identify the owner.  In some cases, though, we may still hold enough other information to identify the owner.

If you cannot find your unclaimed money in the database, please send us a message in myIR with proof of ownership (such as closed bank account details).

Unclaimed money is not tax

Unclaimed money is not income tax refunds or any other unpaid tax refunds. 

Watch out for scammers

Scammers will sometimes contact you and tell you that you have unclaimed money waiting to be claimed. If you think you have been the target of an unclaimed money scam, we have advice about what to do.

Signs of a scam

How to claim

You can claim your unclaimed money either in myIR, through our website, or by writing to us.

Search for and claim unclaimed money

Last updated: 20 Feb 2024
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