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If you have unclaimed money to send to us, you will need to submit a schedule of the information through your myIR account. You will be able to submit this using on-screen entry or by uploading an Excel file.

To upload a file it will need to meet your upload specifications.

Unclaimed money file upload template

Gather your information

You must include full details where you hold them, for example full name rather than initials. For accounts owned by more than one person, make sure you list all owners. 

In your file or through completing the on-screen entry in myIR you will need to provide as much information as you hold about the money, and it’s owner(s). When a claim comes in from a potential owner, we need to take due diligence to ensure they are the rightful owner of the money.

Before you can complete the submission, you must fill in fields marked with an asterix*

For the money, include:

  • Money type *
  • Money source *
  • Amount unclaimed in $NZ*
  • Age of money (years)
  • Area / region
  • Client number
  • Account number
  • Reference number
  • Comment – use this field to include any other information that would help us reunite an owner with their money. For example, the last time you had contact with them, type of account, type of money. If the amount you sent us has been converted from foreign currency – for example unused traveller's cheques, please include, the value of foreign currency.

For the owner(s), you must include this information if you hold it.

  • Title
  • First name(s)
  • Last name
  • IRD number
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Date of birth

Log in to myIR

Select 'Unclaimed money holder'on your account home page.

Under I want to, select

'Submit a schedule'

Choose how you want to submit your records

Upload Excel file - you will need to use our provided template.

Manually input records - you will use our onscreen entry option.

Submit your schedule

Check your information is correct. If you are going to pay by direct debit you can set it up now. Select 'Save draft'

Set up the direct debit

Go back to your submission and

Select 'Submit'


What happens next

If you need to amend information you included on your schedule, you will need to send us a message in myIR to let us know.

If you missed an item entirely, you will need to file another schedule with this information.