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Between April and June we’re running our ‘Tax toolbox’ campaign to engage and educate construction customers.

The key objectives of the campaign are to:

  • remind customers about the Tax Toolbox -
  • educate customers about their core tax obligations
  • encourage and empower customers to take action and address their outstanding returns and debt
  • motivate them to seek help from us or tax agents.

Advertising will run again this year, targeted at customers we know have outstanding returns and/or debt. However, this year our messaging will be firmer.

Direct messaging to customers

We’ll also be sending direct emails and letters to customers at the end of May. We’ll be letting them know what tax types they have outstanding debt and/or returns. If your clients’ mail is being redirected, you will receive it. Otherwise it will go directly to your client.

Working with tax agents

Approximately 40% of individuals in the sector who have outstanding returns or debt are represented by tax agents. We are working closely with key agents to assist them in getting the tax affairs of their construction sector clients back on track.

Where appropriate, we encourage voluntary disclosures be considered to correct past tax positions.

Another update will be provided to tax agents in May.

Last updated: 03 Apr 2024
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