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By choosing to register for the gateway customer support portal and the developer portal, you're consenting to electronic communications from us once your registration has been activated.

Some electronic communications will only be accessible after you have logged into the portal. We will notify you by email when this communication is available.

Giving other people access to your customer support or developer portal account

You may want to give other people access to your organisation's customer support or developer portal account. Organisations acting as digital service providers can have more than one portal account owner for different business roles.

Anyone you give portal access to has responsibilities as a registered user of a portal account. These are outlined in the section below.

The responsibilities of organisations or individuals in business using the portal as account owners, administrators and users are also set out below.

Your responsibilities when using your portal account

You have responsibilities as a registered owner of a customer support or developer portal account.

  • You must keep your password secure. Never disclose your password to anyone, including our staff.
  • You must keep your details up to date.
  • You must keep your portal accounts active. If we consider your logon has become inactive we may cancel your portal account. If this happens and you want to continue using the portals, you will need to re-register or have new access delegated to you.
  • Every time you use any services in the portals as a registered user or as an account owner, you are saying that your organisation authorised you to use the service on their behalf.
  • If you think someone knows your web logon and password, you must immediately:
    • change your password
    • cancel your account, or
    • call us.

Your responsibilities when someone uses your portal account on your behalf

Organisations (digital service providers) who use the portals through account owners, administrators and users also have responsibilities.

  • You represent to us that such account owners, administrators and users have the authority to represent the organisation (digital service provider) in relation to the portals.
  • You accept responsibility for the use of the portals by account owners, administrators, and users.
  • You must cancel the web logon or access for any person you no longer want to have access to the organisation's portal accounts.
Last updated: 20 May 2024
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