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Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day, Monday 26 September Our phone lines and offices are closed, but you can still get in touch with us. Find out more

Delays to response times: It's taking longer than usual to answer calls and myIR messages, including for unclaimed money. You may be able to use self-service options in myIR. You can also find information on our website by typing in what you want to do in the search bar. Thank you for your understanding. Log in to myIR

Changes to the myIR login screen are coming You will not be able to use myIR between 1pm Saturday 8 October and 8am Monday 10 October. This is so we can update our external authentication system. From Monday 10 October the myIR login page will have a new look and feel, but the login process will not change.

By choosing to register for myIR, you're agreeing to receive electronic communications from us once your registration has been activated. This means we'll no longer send you paper statements, notices and some types of correspondence. Some electronic communications will be emailed to you directly. For example, you may receive emails:

  • with your myIR user ID/web logon, temporary password or link to reset your password (when you request these)
  • about products and services
  • about legislative changes or
  • containing information about your tax or social policy affairs.

We may also send you electronic messages, for example:

  • to let you know when statements, notices and other correspondence are available in your myIR account
  • reminders to file returns and make payments.

You take responsibility to ensure that access to your email address is secure and appropriate.

We intend to replace most paper correspondence with electronic communications over time.

You must keep your myIR contact details up to date. We take all reasonable steps to make sure emails and text messages have the highest chance of successful delivery.

We cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of emails or text messages due to circumstances outside of our control. This could be when we have incorrect or out of date contact details.

We use this information to improve our customer services, resolve customer issues and assist in identifying possible non-compliance or fraud.

Having a myIR account does not remove the need for you to comply with your obligations under tax or other laws.

Nothing in an email designates an information system for the purposes of section 214(a) of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, unless expressly stated otherwise.

myIR for individuals

You register for myIR secure online services online. Full instructions are available to help you complete your registration.

Your responsibilities as a registered owner of a myIR account are outlined in the 'Your responsibilities' section.

myIR for organisations

Individuals with authority to represent an organisation (such as a director, trustee, or business owner) can use myIR to access the organisation's accounts.

You can register as an account owner for your organisation online. Full instructions are available to help you complete the registration.

Your responsibilities as a registered owner of a myIR account are outlined in the 'Your responsibilities' section.

If both you and your organisation have myIR accounts, you can request access to your organisation's accounts using your own web logon. You can do this in your myIR account under Settings - Get access to another party.

Your myIR responsibilities

You have the following responsibilities as a registered account owner, administrator or user of myIR, whether as an individual or for an organisation.

  • You must keep your password secure. Never disclose your password to anyone else including our staff.
  • You must keep your contact details up to date.
  • You must keep your myIR account active. If we consider your web logon has become inactive we may cancel your myIR account. If this happens and you want to continue using myIR, you will need to re-register, or have new access delegated to you.
  • If you think someone knows your web logon and password, you must immediately do one of the following.
    • change your password
    • cancel your myIR account
    • call us.

Every time you use any services within myIR as a registered user, whether as an individual or as an account owner, administrator or user, on behalf of another person or organisation, you are saying that person or organisation authorised you to use the service on their behalf. 

Giving other people access to your myIR accounts

You may want to give other people access to your myIR accounts. For example, you can give a person access to your GST account to file returns. Organisations can also have more than one account owner (such as directors, trustees, and business owners).

Any person you give myIR access to will have responsibilities as a registered user of a myIR account. These are outlined in the 'Your responsibilities' section.

The responsibilities of organisations or individuals in business using myIR as account owners, administrators and users are set out in the 'Responsibilities where access to myIR has been given to others' section.

Responsibilities where access to myIR has been given to others'

Organisations or individuals who use myIR through account owners, administrators and users:

  • represent to us that such account owners, administrators and users have the authority to represent the organisation or individual in relation to myIR
  • accept responsibility for the use of myIR by account owners, administrators, and users, and
  • must cancel the web logon or access for any person they no longer want to have access to the myIR account.

Third party service providers (who are not account owners, administrators or users)

Organisations or Individuals who input information into their myIR account through a third party service provider accept that:

  • the services provided by the third party service provider are subject to their terms and conditions and privacy policy
  • the third party service provider may have access to your organisation or individual tax information populated on and communicated to your myIR account through the third party service provider's service, and
  • the third party service provider is able to submit information on your behalf, including updated contact information such as email and or phone contact details.

Accessing myIR through the RealMe service

If you have a RealMe account, you may use your RealMe login to access any of your myIR accounts, personal or otherwise. You may not delegate your access to RealMe and may only link your RealMe login to a myIR web logon created under your name. Your RealMe account can only be linked to one myIR web logon at a time.

If you have delegated someone access to a myIR account and they have linked the web logon that is created to their RealMe account, you will need to suspend or cancel that web logon if you no longer want that person to have access.

Your use of the RealMe service is subject to RealMe's terms and conditions and privacy policy. If we provide you with RealMe helpdesk services, we may have access to the email address or mobile phone number you provided to RealMe. We will only use that information to provide you with RealMe helpdesk services.

Last updated: 14 May 2021
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