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Flexibility at work looks different for each person. It can include varying your hours, days, and location of work. Flexibility is about having choices. It is an important way to support people with their work-life balance.

We recognise flexible working benefits our people and the organisation. We support people who prefer or need flexible working options to balance their lives.

Our flexible working principles

There are no set rules. Instead, meeting flexible working needs is encouraged and we are open to exploring flexible options that work for our people, teams and the organisation.

Options for everyone

Unless there is a genuine business reason, all roles are treated as flexible. Flexible working is available to employees, regardless of the reason for wanting it. Flexible working does not undermine career progression or pay.

Flexibility that works for the type of work

Every role should be suitable for some form of flexibility, but genuine business reasons may mean that some types of flexibility are not possible for some types of work.

Flexibility that works for our people, teams and the organisation

Flexible working arrangements should work for you, as well as your team and the organisation as a whole. It requires give and take between all involved.

To make this work, we all need to be open and adaptable. This is so that we can work out flexible arrangements that benefit everyone.

How flexible work arrangements can maintain or enhance your and your team’s work and performance should be considered. Flexible working should not result in bigger workloads for employees working flexibly or for team members who are not.

Actively championed by leaders

Our leaders at all levels support, champion and model flexible working for their teams.

Last updated: 14 Apr 2023
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