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Whanake - our performance and development approach

Whanake (to grow or develop) is our performance approach. Whanake supports constructive and ongoing kōrero (conversation) between our people and their leaders.

Our approach supports our people and their leaders to have good and timely conversations. They can discuss what they need to help them to learn, grow and perform now and into the future. It helps our people to own and drive their performance and development, with leaders providing support and guidance throughout.

Regularly discussing your work priorities and development goals for both your current role and your longer-term career aspirations are a key part of Whanake.

Learning and development opportunities

Learning is important to us. We want to support our people to develop and grow in their current roles and for their future.

Ako - our learning space

So that our people have easy access to the learning and development opportunities available we have created our connected learning space Ako.

Ako (to learn or teach) links our diverse learning and development tools, resources, and advice. This allows our people to easily find what they need when they need it.

To find what they need, our people can explore:

  • organisational-wide learning and development opportunities
  • capability or role specific options.
Last updated: 14 Apr 2023
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