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Budget 2024: The Government has announced FamilyBoost, a proposed new childcare payment to help eligible families with the rising costs of Early Childhood Education (ECE). Find out more:

  • We're 3,923 people based in 17 cities and towns with connections throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Over 80% of the Crown's core revenue comes from Inland Revenue.
  • We've paid out $6.5 billion in COVID-19 support since 2020.
  • We're on track to save $100 million a year in administration costs as a benefit of our business transformation.
  • 82% of us work with customers every day to sort out their tax and payments. We aim to be empathetic and straightforward to deal with.
  • We've sent out individual income tax assessments faster this year. 84% of the total tax refunded went to customers who earn less than $70,000.
  • Thanks to the changes we've made to child support services, payments are reaching carers for children 14 days faster.
  • Over our transformation programme, our people held 600 customer seminars and contacted 5 million customers. We migrated 29 million accounts and 470 million transactions.
  • 18% of us work in tax technical roles using our knowledge and experience to keep tax fair for everyone.
  • Our compliance specialists prevented $166 million in incorrect or fraudulent refunds from being paid out and we found $1.12 billion in tax position difference through investigations.
  • We have a dedicated team who are using the Hague Convention to locate parents overseas to pay child support.
  • We've run campaigns over 2 years resulting in voluntary disclosures of $100 million in omitted income by New Zealand tax residents.
  • 96% of us work flexibly in some way. Flexible working is one of the top reasons that people like being part of Inland Revenue. We also like the interesting work, and that we can be ourselves.
  • We've got a plan to reduce our organisation's carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.
  • Our people come from diverse communities like our customers.
  • Our people have spent 17,000 hours in classroom and online training sessions to learn how to transform the tax and social policy system.
Last updated: 13 Sep 2022
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