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Delays to response times: It's taking longer than usual to answer calls and myIR messages, including for unclaimed money. You may be able to use self-service options in myIR. You can also find information on our website by typing in what you want to do in the search bar. Thank you for your understanding. Log in to myIR

Across all of our work, we regularly assess how our environment is changing to identify trends, risks, and opportunities.

We expect the following to influence our work for the foreseeable future:

  • The global economy - emerging labour markets, national protectionism, climate change mitigation, changes in how people buy goods and services, and the ongoing impacts from COVID-19 will affect New Zealand, including trade, the economy, and key industries.
  • The role of tax and transfers - citizens’ expectations of participation in and perceptions of the fairness of the system, and what other countries are considering.
  • Social change - a broad area that includes expectations of the Māori Treaty partner for the Māori Crown relationship, demographic changes including population growth and distribution, and shifts in attitudes and behaviours towards privacy, trust in public institutions, and the role of media and social media.
  • Increasing levels of inequality - the drivers of inequality and what this means for what we do and the outcomes we are expected to achieve.
  • The impact of technology changes on revenue collection advances in technology are changing how people connect with each other, are enabling a wider range of participants to play a role in the revenue system, enabling businesses and whole sectors to change how they operate, and are shifting payment systems and transactions to the cloud. Cybercrime and terrorism will have implications for revenue collection.
Last updated: 25 Nov 2021
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