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Business income tax Tāke moni whiwhi mō ngā pakihi

Claiming business expenses

Most businesses incur expenses when generating income and most of these can be deducted from its income to arrive at its net profit or taxable income. It is on this amount that you pay income tax. Certain business expenses that are paid for out of business income cannot be claimed as allowable business expenses.

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Using software packages in your business

If you are using software packages in your business, find out here whether payments are a deductible expense and when you can claim depreciation.

Kilometre rate

If you're an employer you can calculate an employee's reimbursement when they use their private vehicle for work purposes. If you're self-employed you can use our kilometre rate rate to calculate the cost of using your motor vehicle for business purposes.

Using your own vehicle in the business

If you are a sole trader or in a partnership and you use your own vehicle in the business, you can claim the running costs for income tax. Learn about the types of situations where vehicle expenses may be claimed as an expense.

Travel expenses

If you spend time travelling as part of your business you can claim business travel as an expense. Learn the travel costs which you can claim as business expenses.

Using your home for the business

Learn about the costs you can claim when using part of your home for business use and how it can help you.

Holiday homes - mixed-use assets

Your holiday home may be covered by the mixed-use assets rules that determine what income and expenditure is returned.

Entertainment expenses

If you provide entertainment for staff or clients, some of these business entertainment expenses are tax deductible. Learn how to expense business entertainment expenses which can be claimed back and how it applies to you.

Capital (consumer) contributions

A capital contribution is a payment to a person that compensates them for certain capital expenditure. If you receive a capital contribution, learn how to treat the receipt for income tax purposes.

Environmental expenditure (including noise mitigation)

Changes have been made to ensure that all business operating costs, including those for dealing with environmental issue, are taken into consideration in calculating taxable income, and that the timing of such deductions is appropriate.

Tracking expenses

Learn which of the main business expenses that may be claimed against income tax, provided sufficient records are kept during the tax year