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Partnerships do not pay income tax on their profits. Instead the profit or loss is shared between the partners. The partners pay income tax on any profit, and they can also claim any partnership losses against their own personal income.

Partnership returns

Partnerships file IR7 income tax returns each year. These returns show how much profit or loss was allocated to each partner.

Each partner also needs to file their own IR3 individual income tax return showing their partnership income or losses.

General or limited partnerships

There are two types of partnerships. Income tax is different for each one.

  • General (ordinary) partnerships share profits and losses equally between the partners, unless the partnership agreement states otherwise. If there is a debt, each partner can be made to pay the full amount.
  • In a limited partnership there are general and limited partners. The limited partner, who may be an investor, is only liable for partnership debt up to the amount they invested in the partnership.

Portfolio investment entities (PIEs) for partnerships

Working out your partner's basis for limited partnerships

You can use our Limited partnership loss deduction calculator to work out your deductible share of a loss from a limited partnership.

7 minutes
Limited partnership loss deduction calculator

Work out your "partner's basis", the deduction amount of a loss you may claim in the current income year, and how much loss must be carried forward.

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Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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