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Resurgence Support Payments (RSPs) Resurgence Support Payment (RSPs) – Applications have opened for a 6th RSP payment. Applications for the first 3 payments close at midnight on 1 December. Find out more

See your payments

From the myIR homepage, you can see your child support account. If you’re a liable parent, you’ll be able to see how much is due for the current child support month and any overdue amounts.

To see details of your assessment

Click on 'View assessment balances’, from here you can view:

  • ‘Current assessments’ – you can view past months and the current month to see how much was due for the period and how much has been paid.
  • ‘Due next month’ – shows the child support amount that is due for the month, how much you have paid and what is left to pay.
  • ‘Future assessments’ – will show your child support assessment from the current month until the end of the financial year in March.

To view in depth details of your transactions

To view more details of your transactions including your child support assessment, penalties charged and payments made - click ‘More…’ from the myIR homepage and then select ‘Transaction summary report’.  From here, select the period of time you wish to view transactions for and click ‘Search’.

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Last updated: 02 Nov 2020
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