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Transaction data services (TDS) is a business service which provides customer financial transaction data to be used by software packages.

Our customer financial transaction data includes amounts assessed and associated credits or debits. No sent data is associated with the details of how an assessment has been calculated.

You'll need to comply with our information disclosure policies to use these services.

Information disclosure

About transaction data services 

The TDS service is made up of three application programming interfaces (APIs):

  • financials
  • summary
  • transactions.

The three APIs are built to support two distinct models, the real-time model and the data reconciliation model. Each API has its own security model. 

Real-time model

This model is for real-time users. It allows digital service providers to build applications that use gateway services to retrieve data on demand. The real-time user of the application initiates the request to gateway services.

This model requires two APIs, TDS financials and TDS transactions. 

Data reconciliation model

This model is for bulk data feed users. Digital service providers using this model can copy financial and transaction data from us into their own database, which is then used by their applications.

This model requires two APIs, TDS summary and TDS transactions. 

The TDS software developer kit 

The TDS software developer kit (SDK) allows you to:

  • find out technical requirements and specifications
  • view the processes and sample payloads.

Transaction data services (TDS) software developer kits



Last updated: 21 May 2024
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