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We're prioritising digital service providers whose design solutions make it easy for end users to meet their tax obligations and receive their social policy entitlements.

We'll contact you to discuss how your software achieves this before we start any gateway services integration. You'll need to be compliant with our information disclosure policies to use these services.

Information disclosure

About the TDS service

Transaction data services (TDS) is a business service which provides customer financial transaction data to be used by software packages.

Our customer financial transaction data includes amounts assessed and associated credits or debits. There is no data sent associated with the details of how an assessment has been calculated.

This service is currently only available for the following tax types:

  • approved issuer levy (AIL)
  • fringe benefit tax (FBT)
  • gaming machine duty (GMD)
  • goods and services tax (GST)
  • withholding tax (RWT and NRWT).

If you have any questions about this service or using gateway services, email

The TDS software developer kits (SDKs)

These cover:

  • fundamental concepts for interacting parties using the TDS
  • overview of the bulk file feed, real time feed and history feed services
  • data models and business rules
  • data scenarios and data conversion from the tax agent web service (TAWS)
  • business use cases
  • delegations and permissions in using TDS.

TDS bulk file feed service

This is a daily transfer service from Inland Revenue. It's supported by the software intermediation service.

The TDS bulk file feed software developer kit (SDK) allows you to:

  • find out technical requirements and specifications
  • view the processes and sample payloads.

TDS real-time service

This is a set of web services to obtain transactional information at account/period level.

The TDS real-time software developer kit (SDK) allows you to:

  • find out technical requirements and specifications
  • view the processes and sample payloads.

Transaction data services (TDS) software developer kits

Use the Getting started guide to find out how to access our sandbox (mock services) and test environments.

Getting started guide