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Nominate someone to act on your behalf

You can authorise someone to act on your behalf to help you when dealing with us.

What a nominated person can do

You can grant a nominated person access to one account type, or every account type you're registered for. For the accounts you nominate them for, they'll be able to:

  • contact us and act on your behalf, either in writing or by phone,
  • complete and sign your tax returns and other forms, and
  • receive the information we post you - if you want it to go to them.

A nominated person is useful if you:

  • are going overseas, or
  • would like someone to contact us or complete forms for you if you can't.
Having a nominated person doesn't change your responsibilities. You are still responsible for all your tax obligations.

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Who can be a nominated person

A nominated person can be an individual or non-individual.

A non-individual must be a separate legal entity, such as:

  • a company
  • incorporated society, or
  • incorporated charitable trust

A partnership or unincorporated club are examples of entities that aren't separate legal entities so can't be a nominated person.

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Who can be set up a nominated person

Individual accounts

If the nominated person will act for your own personal account, you must set them up.

Non-individual accounts

If the nominated person will act for a non-individual account, they must be set up by:

  • a company director
  • a trustee or estate administrator
  • an executive holder, or
  • a partner of a partnership

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How to set up a nominated person

To set up a nominated person you can:

To add your nominated person we need to know:

  • their full name,
  • the account types you want them to access and act on,
  • how long you want the nomination to last, and
  • their IRD number (if you have it).

If you have a business account you can view, manage and remove your nominated person(s) in myIR. You can also view the accounts you're a nominated person for.

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Removing a nominated person

You or your nominated person can cancel the nomination at any time. You can cancel the nomination in myIR or by calling us.

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A nominated person can't use your myIR login

Even though a nominated person can act on your behalf, they can't use your myIR login. If you want your nominated person to access your business account, you can grant them separate access in myIR.

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