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If you think you or business may be affected by COVID-19, check out our current information. We update these pages as the situation changes.


If you've got tax debt that you cannot pay, we can help you. Contact us as soon as you can so we can discuss your options.

You can also contact us before the tax is due if you know you will not be able to pay it. You can send us a secure email in myIR or call us.

We'll ask you for more information so we can understand your situation and work out the best way to help you. We'll then let you know your options.

We may ask for a:

  • disclosure of financial position form if you're an individual customer - IR590
  • 12 month cash flow forecast if you're a business customer - IR591.

Instalment arrangements

Send us a proposal to pay your tax debt in instalments if you cannot afford to pay in full. You can also send a proposal for tax that is not yet due, if you cannot afford to pay it by the due date.

You can set up instalment arrangements for some tax types entirely in myIR, including setting up direct debit payments. Depending on what type of tax it's for and how much you're offering to pay, you instalment arrangement may be automatically approved.

Some instalment arrangements cannot be automatically approved or cannot have direct debit set up. You can propose arrangements for these amounts by using our online form and waiting for us to respond.

If you have a student loan, child support or PAYE related debt that you would like to pay by instalments, you can submit an online instalment proposal form separately without having to log in to your myIR account.

Instalment arrangement proposal

For every other tax type, you can set up an instalment arrangement in your myIR account. 

Apply for an instalment arrangement in myIR 

Your payment options

We'll talk to you about your options. These could be:

  • setting up an instalment arrangement to repay an agreed amount over time.
  • a write off of an agreed amount if we decide that full payment will cause you serious hardship (if you’re an individual).

If your business is unable to pay its debts, contact us to discuss your options.

Child support or Working for Families debt

Child support debt is managed a little differently.

Deal with child support debt

If you have a Working for Families debt because you were overpaid, you can still ask to pay by instalments or send us a Disclosure of financial position form - IR590. But first, make sure your details are up to date.

I am in Working for Families debt