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The easiest way to submit a receipt for a donations is in myIR.

Using myIR means we can work out your tax credit without you having to file a claim when the tax year ends on 31 March.

You can submit your receipts any time throughout the tax year or submit them all together at the end of the tax year.

You need to wait till after end of the tax year to receive your tax credit.

Check the organisation is on our approved list

Check the organisation you donated to is on our approved list.

Approved donee organisations

    Gather your information

    You'll need:

    • receipts for your donations
    • your bank account number
    • to be registered to a donation tax credit account. (You can register in myIR - there are instructions in the following steps.)

    Log in to myIR

    Register for a donation tax credit account, if needed

    If 'donation tax credit' is not an option on your home page, you can register by selecting ‘More’ next to ‘I want to’, then ‘Register for donation tax credit’.

    Fill in the registration form then submit it to us.

    Once you have a donation tax credit account on your home page, follow the steps below.

    Select your donation tax credit account

    Select the blue hyperlink on the Donation tax credit account tile.

    Select 'Add new receipt' under 'Current year'

    Select 'Add a receipt'

    Fill in the details

    You’ll need:

    • the name of the approved organisation you donated to
    • their IRD number and charity number, if you have them
    • the type of donation
    • the date of the receipt
    • the amount of the donation
    • whether the receipt is shared with a spouse or partner
    • to attach the receipt as a digital file.

    Submit the receipt to us

    Confirm your details are correct then select ‘submit’.

    What happens next

    After the tax year ends on 31 March we work out your tax credit. We'll be in touch if we need more information.

    If you have a tax debt we'll put your tax credit towards your debt and refund you any remaining money. Otherwise we'll pay your tax credit into your bank account. We pay most tax credits by June each year.

    If you're an IR3 filer we'll hold your tax credit until you've filed your IR3 tax return and we can confirm your income.

    If you do not use myIR you have to submit all your receipts after the tax year ends on 31 March.

    You need to complete a 'Tax credit claim form - IR526'.

    Post the IR526 and your receipts to:

    Inland Revenue 
    PO Box 39090 
    Wellington Mail Centre 
    Lower Hutt 5045

    We'll let you know the amount of your tax credit within 12 weeks. If you're a IR3 filer we need to wait until you've filed your IR3 before we can let you know the amount of your tax credit.