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If you pay investment income, you can file withholding summary returns in myIR using file upload.

This option suits payers who file often. You must use it if you have more than 2,000 payees (line items).

The file upload option requires information to be uploaded in a CSV (comma separated values) file format. If you do not currently provide information to us in this format you may need to consider how you develop these files.

Create a CSV file

You'll need records that contain the following information for everyone you have paid income to for the month.

For example, with RWT on interest you’ll need details of:

  • gross interest paid
  • deducted RWT
  • RWT rate
  • information about joint account holders if this applies to you
  • your bank details.

Investment income reporting file format specifications

Select 'Returns and transactions' in your withholding tax account in myIR

Select your return for the relevant period

Select 'File return' for the relevant period.

Upload your file

Select ‘upload file’. Follow the onscreen instructions to choose a CSV file to upload.

If the file is uploaded successfully, you then need to confirm the information being submitted is true and correct.

If there are any errors in your file, an error report is displayed onscreen and you need to correct them before you can upload the file.

Make your payment

If you need to make a payment, you can pay by direct debit, credit card or debit card now.

You can also choose to pay later.

Final return

Only select ‘final return’ if you are no longer going to be paying investment income.

Submit your return

A confirmation page will show once the return has been submitted.

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Last updated: 23 Oct 2023
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