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Our register lists everyone with a resident withholding tax (RWT) exemption, by IRD number.

Resident withholding tax exemption register

If you have an exemption, this means you do not have RWT deducted from interest and dividends you get from payers, for example banks or other financial institutions.

Applying for an RWT exemption

You can apply for an RWT exemption if you meet the criteria.

If you are a charity registered with Charities Services, you do not need to apply. We will automatically put you on the register.

We will tell you when you are added to the register and, if applicable, what the expiry date for your exemption is.

If your exemption is due to expire, you can reapply.

Apply for a resident withholding tax exemption

Cancelling your RWT exemption

You need to let us know if you no longer meet the criteria for an exemption, unless you're a charity being deregistered by Charities Services.

We may cancel your RWT exemption if you no longer meet the conditions it was issued under, for example if you:

  • do not earn $2 million a year (if applicable)
  • are deregistered as a charity with Charities Services.

Check that your payer, for example your bank, knows about any changes to your exemption status. 

What this means for payers of investment income

If you are a payer of investment income, use this register to confirm which of your customers has an RWT exemption.

The information is updated overnight (Monday to Friday) and can be downloaded into Excel.

Investment income reporting

When you've been charged RWT and you have an exemption

If you’ve had RWT deducted from a payment made to you but you have an exemption, you can request a refund by filling out the IR454 form.

Last updated: 20 Dec 2023
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