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Income tax Dates

  • MAR 31
    Final date for ratio option provisional tax applications.
  • APR 7
    End-of-year income tax and Working for Families bills are due if you have an extension of time to file your income tax return.
  • MAY 7
    Provisional tax payments are due if you have a March balance date and use the standard, estimation or ratio options.

If you have an exemption from RWT deducted from interest and dividends, this is known as having RWT exempt status.

We issue successful applicants with a certificate of exemption from RWT. A list of cancelled and reissued certificates of exemption is published quarterly in the New Zealand Gazette.

We have introduced an online RWT exemption register.

Resident withholding tax exemption register

What's changing

From 1 April 2020 we will no longer:

  • issue certificates of exemption for RWT
  • publish cancelled and reissued exemptions in the New Zealand Gazette.

Instead, your IRD number will be added to the online register, which:

  • is automatically populated by us
  • identifies customers only by their IRD number
  • can be searched by exemption status, IRD number and when the information was last updated
  • is updated overnight every business day (Monday to Friday).

If you currently have RWT exempt status, you will automatically be on the register unless:

  • your exemption has been cancelled, has expired or is revoked
  • you are exempt under an Act other than the Tax Acts, and have not been approved under another criteria. 

Exemptions under other Acts

If you are exempt from RWT under an Act other than the Tax Acts, your current exemption will continue until 31 March 2020. By 1 April you may need to apply to us to be granted exempt status and be included on the electronic register.

To do this check the register to see if you are already included. If you are, you already have an exemption from 1 April. If you are not included on the register apply for an exemption. You can apply now to make sure you are added to the register in time.


If you are a charity registered with Charities Services you do not need to apply for RWT exempt status. We will automatically put you on the register.

Applying for RWT exempt status

You can apply for RWT exempt status. We will notify you when you are added to the register or removed.

You are responsible for notifying us if you no longer meet the criteria for an exemption. We will update your status and the register. 

Check that your payer, for example your bank, knows about any changes to your exempt status. 

Apply for a resident withholding tax exemption

What this means for payers of investment income

If you are a payer of investment income you will need to access the electronic register to confirm which of your customers have RWT exempt status and update your systems. The register provides near real-time information which you can download into Excel.

Investment income reporting