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Changes to the myIR login screen are coming You will not be able to use myIR between 1pm Saturday 8 October and 8am Monday 10 October. This is so we can update our external authentication system. From Monday 10 October the myIR login page will have a new look and feel, but the login process will not change.

Cost of Living Payment Eligible customers will have the payment automatically paid into their bank accounts by the end of the day 3 October 2022. The payments will be staggered and Credit Union customers may not receive their payment until 4 October 2022. Cost-of-Living-Payment

Te aroturuki i aku takoha KiwiSaver Tracking my KiwiSaver contributions

Where to find the necessary information to check your payments
myIR or through your provider

If you have deductions from your salary or wages, your employer sends them to us. Log in to myIR to track these contributions. Your KiwiSaver government contribution will also show in your account.

Information your provider holds

Contact your provider if you want to know your:

  • overall balance
  • investment returns
  • contributions made directly to them.

Information in myIR

You can use myIR to:

  • track contributions paid to us
  • see when the government contribution arrives in your account.

April 2020 and your contributions in myIR

Before April 2020 contributions taken out of your pay may have shown: 

  • as several smaller payments
  • your employer and employee contributions going into your account on different dates.

From April 2020 your contributions will show:

  • what was deducted from your pay per pay-date
  • your employee and employer contributions going into your account on the same day. 

If you think you're missing contributions

KiwiSaver does not work like a bank. Your contributions will not arrive in your account the next day, and they do not always arrive as a single payment. 

It may take up to a month from the time your employer deducts contributions for them to show in your account. 

Delays or unusual payment amounts can happen if your employer:

  • files late
  • makes a mistake when they file.

Keeping up to date and making changes

You can use myIR to:

  • update your KiwiSaver contact details
  • opt out of KiwiSaver (if you were automatically enrolled, and the deadline has not passed)
  • find contact details for your KiwiSaver provider
  • apply for a savings suspension.

If you have already registered for myIR, you can use that user ID and password.

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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