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GST and income tax returns

Filing your GST returns

If your organisation is registered for GST, you'll need to file GST returns with us.

During the final week of your taxable period, we'll send you your GST return. You have until the 28th of the month following your taxable period, to send both the GST return and any payment to us.

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Your organisation's income tax return

If your organisation has an annual turnover of less than $1,000, you don't need to file an income tax return. You'll simply need to keep sufficient records for your organisation.

If your income is above this threshold, or is expected to be, then you'll need to file an income tax return. The table below outlines what income return you'll need to file, depending on the type of your organisation.

If your organisation is a... then you'll need to file an...
registered and incorporated company IR4 company income tax return
trust or estate IR6 income tax return for estates or trusts
club, society or association IR9 income tax return for clubs or societies

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