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Follow these steps when you're setting up your not-for-profit or charity.

When not-for-profits do not pay tax

Find out if your charity or not-for-profit can stop paying tax on income, interest (for example, on bank accounts), dividends or fringe benefits.

Getting approved so people who donate to you can claim money back

If you are a donee organisation, then people who donate money to you can claim a tax credit (refund).

Getting someone to act on my behalf

You need to set up someone with the right to access your not-for-profit's account information and make changes on your behalf.

If you do not properly authorise someone, you can still file returns and make payments, but you cannot make any changes, and we cannot share any information about your account.

Other useful steps while setting up

IRD numbers for businesses and organisations
Registering for GST
Register as an employer
Getting interest-free student loans for your volunteers
Getting someone new to access your account


Last updated: 06 Nov 2023
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