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How to sort your income tax and GST, pay less tax when you cannot get an exemption, look after your volunteers and people who donate money to you, and protect your overseas funds.

File the right returns to keep your not-for-profit running

Your not-for-profit or charity may need to file returns with us, Charities Services or the Companies Office.

Income tax

Income tax on different types of not-for-profit income.

GST and assets

When to include income in your GST return, and how to treat assets that you buy or sell.

Pay less tax with a not-for-profit income deduction

If you cannot get an exemption, an income deduction lets you reduce your income by $1,000 and pay less tax.

Volunteers and student loans

Sorting volunteer payments and expenses, and how your volunteers can keep their student loans interest-free while they're working for you overseas.

Helping people who donate money to you claim their refund

Give people who donate money to you the right kind of receipt so they can claim a tax credit (refund).

Protecting your not-for-profit's overseas funds

Keep your not-for-profit's overseas funds safe from terrorists and organised crime.

Last updated: 15 Nov 2022
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