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Budget 2024 | The Government has announced proposed changes to personal income tax, the independent earner tax credit, in-work tax credit, the minimum family tax credit and the interest rate charged for overseas based student loans. They have also provided more information on FamilyBoost. Find out more:

You'll need to make sure you're eligible before enrolling. 

Eligibility for the research and development tax incentive

You'll only need to enrol once for the research and development tax incentive.

Before you start

You'll need to answer eligibility questions about whether you:

  • are a private sector business
  • are likely to spend $50,000 on eligible R&D activities or use an approved research provider in the relevant income years
  • will perform the R&D activities in New Zealand
  • will either own the results of the activities or be able to use the results for free (this includes you, individually, or your corporate group, partnership or joint venture)
  • are controlled by any or a combination of a Crown research institute, district health board or tertiary education organisation.

You'll also need information about your business, such as your:

  • business industry classification (BIC) code
  • contact details, including a physical address.

Start your enrolment request

From the homepage in your myIR account, select:

  • 'I want to...'
  • 'Research & Development Tax Incentive'.

Answer the eligibility questions

This is where you give us the answers you prepared in 'Before you start'.

Enter your enrolment details

You'll need to give us your BIC code and contact details. If you do not have your BIC code, there will be an option to help you find it.

You'll be able to ask us to contact you with more information for:

  • eligible R&D activities
  • eligible R&D expenditure
  • record keeping or other requirements
  • how government or local authority grants may impact your eligibility
  • other information.

Confirm or update your physical address.

Click 'Next'.

Submit your enrolment request

Review your details. Click 'Submit'.

Log in to myIR

If you're a tax preparer, you can register for the research and development tax incentive on behalf of a client in myIR. Go to the 'Intermediary centre', select 'Client registration' and then select 'Register client for R&D Tax Incentive' to complete the application.

What happens next

Once processed, you will have access to the 'R&D tax incentive' (RDTI) account in myIR and you can then complete the required forms and returns.

The myIR account owner will also be able to access the RDTI account and delegate access to your staff or tax agent.

If you asked us to contact you for more information, we’ll do so within 10 business days.

Last updated: 04 Feb 2021
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