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When your not-for-profit or charity is an approved donee organisation, it means people can claim a tax credit (refund) on money they donate to you. When you are no longer a donee organisation, you can still get donations, but people who donate cannot claim any money back.


Charities stop being donee organisations when they’re removed from the Charities Register or when all court or appeal proceedings are finalised or exhausted, whichever date is later.

People who donate can still claim tax credits for donations they made before the charity was deregistered.

Other not-for-profits

If your not-for-profit is removed from a Companies Office register (and does not intend to get reinstated), you may still be able to remain a donee organisation.

Contact us to discuss your circumstances at [email protected]

Updating your donation receipts

You'll need to make sure that your receipts and any websites or newsletters clearly state that donations made after the above date will not qualify for a donation tax credit or income tax deduction.

Helping people who donate to you claim their refund

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Last updated: 15 Nov 2022
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