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If you are a New Zealand charity whose purposes are mainly overseas, you can apply for overseas donee status. This means people can claim a tax credit (refund) on cash donations they make to your charity.

Your charity must be named in tax legislation for people who donate to qualify.

List of charities and not-for-profits with donee status (Schedule 32, Income Tax Act 2007)

Who can get overseas donee status

The money your charity receives must go towards at least 1 of these things.

  • Relieving poverty, hunger, sickness, damages from war or natural disaster.
  • The economy of developing countries recognised by the United Nations.
  • Raising the educational standards of a developing country recognised by the United Nations.

Charities cannot get overseas donee status if they form to support or administer any:

  • religion
  • cult
  • political creed.

Apply for overseas donee status

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Last updated: 15 Nov 2022
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