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Linking and delinking your clients

Find out how to obtain an authority to act, link and delink your clients and what the benefits of linking are.

Obtaining an authority to act

Before you can link or delink a client you must have written or electronic authority. When you have this authority you can link clients to your client list.

You can only link to the tax types your client has given authority for. You'll only be able to add clients to a list you have permission to access. Talk to your agency's owner/administrator if you don't have access.

When you apply to be a tax agent you'll need to show your account manager a copy of your authority to act letter.

Our Correspondence guidelines (IR1025) have more information on obtaining a letter of authority to act.

How to link and delink clients

When you link or delink a client you'll need to provide:

  • your client's name, IRD number and contact details
  • the tax types for linking and delinking
  • the address for our correspondence to be sent to.

myIR Secure Online Services

You can link and delink clients in the Business section of myIR.

There is a two-step process to access a new client:

  1. Link the client to your agency
    When you link the client you'll see the accounts that are available.
  2. Add to your workspace
    Not every logon in an agency requires the client to be added to their workspace. You only need to add those you will be actively working on.

Tax agents' self-service line

You can call 0800 456 678 to link and delink clients. You'll need your tax agent IRD number and agency PIN.

If you select to link or delink for all tax types, the self-service line will do this for all tax types your client is registered for. If you can’t link or delink a client you'll be given more options to try.

Once you've linked a client you can update your details to let us know if you want:

  • mail sent to your or your client
  • to receive mail in bulk or individually.

Download the Tax agents self-service calling aid (IR358)

When you delink a client

You can request a taxpack be sent to them. This means you won't need to send separate advice. If you want to cease a tax type for a client you need to do this before you delink them. If you don't, you won't have authority to cease the tax type.

What the advantages of linking your clients are

There are many advantages for you and your clients by linking them to your agency. These include:

  • your client being granted an extension of time if they qualify
  • providing you access to information about the client's tax types you're linked to
  • your client's returns being credited towards your filing performance when you file
  • choosing if mail is sent directly to you or your client
  • automatic transfer of a clients details when they transfer from another tax agent.

Account types you can't link

You can't link clients for the following account types:

  • liable parent
  • receiving carer, and
  • KiwiSaver voluntary contributions.

Your client needs to nominate you to make enquiries on their behalf. They can do this by sending us a letter or an Elect someone to act on your behalf (IR597) form.

For child support you'll only have authority to ask about your clients's account.