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Ka taea anōtia e au te whiwhi Working for Families? Can I get Working for Families?


Am I eligible?

To get Working for Families you will: 

  • have a dependent child or children in your care under the age of 18 (or between 18 and 19 and still at school or a tertiary institution)
  • be the principal caregiver
  • be aged 16 or older
  • meet residency requirements.

How much can I get?

Working for Families payments are based on your family income and the number of children in your care.

In each child's first year you will get $60 a week Best Start regardless of your family income.

Estimate your payments

Use this calculator to estimate how much your payments could be

Go to this tool

Kim goes back to work

Kim and Fetu have two children. Kim stays at home taking care of the kids. Fetu works full time in retail getting around $820 a week before tax. Based on this income they get $275 a week in Working for Families payments. The family’s total income including Working for Families will be $1095 before tax. 

Kim is thinking about going back to work and has been offered a job giving her a bit over $405 a week. That means the family will be earning $1225 a week, in total before tax. Kim uses the entitlement calculator and finds the new amount from Working for Families would be $170 a week. If Kim takes the job the family’s total income will be $1395. 

Figures are approximate.  Every family is different.

  • Fetu is working
  • Family Income $820
  • Working for Families payment $275
  • Total weekly income $1095
  • Fetu and Kim both working
  • Family Income $1225
  • Working for Families payment $170
  • Total weekly income $1395

Gail comes off a benefit

Gail is about to come off the Sole Parent Support benefit. She calls Work and Income to find out if her Working for Families payments will be impacted. Work and Income tells Gail that Inland Revenue will now be making her payments.

Gail checks myIR and sees that some of her details are incorrect. After making sure all her details are updated, Gail doesn't need to do anything else.