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If your relationship has ended, or you have a new partner - you need to update your Working for Families details. 

If your partner is going overseas you'll need to adjust their income.

Non-resident spouse or partners income

Gather your information

If you are adding a partner you will need the following:

  • your relationship start date
  • an income estimate for your partner.

If you are ending a relationship you will need the date it ended.

Log in to myIR

Select 'Working for Families'

Select 'Family details'

If your relationship has ended select your partner's name then under 'I want to ...', select 'Update partner information'. Add the stop date to your relationship.

If you are adding a partner select 'Add Partner'.

Complete the details and select 'Next'.

Submit changes

What happens next

Once you've updated your details we'll let you know about any changes to your Working for Families payments.

You can see new payment details in myIR.

My responsibilities

Keep us up-to-date with any changes that could affect your Working for Families entitlements.

You can send us a message in myIR or call us.

Working for Families and Best Start - contact us