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Make sure you update your details if your shared care arrangement changes.

Gather your information

You will need:

  • the number of days you have the child in your care
  • an agreement signed by you and the other person 

You can update your details without a signed agreement, but there will be a delay in the change until we confirm the details with the other person.

Select 'Family and income details' from your Working for Families account


To add a new child

Select 'Add a child'

Under 'Is the child living in another house any of the time?' select 'Yes'

Fill in the information about the other carer.

Select 'Next'

To update details of an existing care arrangement

Select 'Update' next to one of your existing children.

Select the pencil to edit and update details under 'Period of care'.

Add a stop date. This is the day before the new arrangement started.

Select 'Add new period of care'.

Add a start date and the information about the other carer.

Select 'Next'

Update passive income

Update details of passive income the child earns.

Select 'Next'.

Upload shared care documents

If you have a shared care agreement upload the document.

Submit changes

Log in to myIR

What happens next

We will update your entitlement and notify you about your new payment amount.

My responsibilities

You need to keep us up-to-date with any changes that could affect your entitlements.

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Last updated: 10 Dec 2020
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