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As a customer of Inland Revenue you may have legal obligations to provide information to us.

You may provide us with certain information through the following channels:

  • Our online forms provided or accessed through our website
  • myIR Secure Online Services (myIR)
  • Your third party service provider that may connect to your myIR account.

By registering and activating a myIR account using an email address provided by you (or your nominated person or third party service provider), you as the owner and Inland Revenue as the provider, agree to correspond with each other electronically using either myIR or an email address provided by you.

We may send your tax or social policy-related information to any email address provided to us by you or your lawful representative, when it is necessary or appropriate for Inland Revenue business purposes. Inland Revenue will take all reasonable steps to ensure that communications sent by us are sent securely to the appropriate email address supplied by you.

You as the owner take responsibility to ensure that access to your email address is secure and appropriate.

We (Inland Revenue) only consent to receiving electronically, any notice to dispute or object to an assessment or determination (such as a Notice of Proposed Adjustment) in one of two ways. These are by using the:

  • myIR message service, where a disputes document must be identified by selecting the Disputes Documents category
  • upload requested document service and entering the relevant response code, if you have been issued one.

Unless specifically agreed with you, we do not consent to:

  • receiving disputes documents by any other means
  • the use of myIR message service, the messaging service via eServices, or any Inland Revenue email addresses (either specific or general) as an address for service of any documents.

We are not obliged to accept information by any other means of electronic communication unless specifically agreed with you. We also cannot correspond with you on individual tax matters through our website or social media platforms. However we may answer general tax related queries from time to time.

If you do have a third party service provider they may provide you with reminders or notifications. Inland Revenue is not responsible for any communications from third party providers.

Electronic messages received from Inland Revenue are not included in the definition of commercial electronic message for the purposes of section 6 of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

Last updated: 22 Jul 2021
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