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Budget 2024: The Government has announced FamilyBoost, a proposed new childcare payment to help eligible families with the rising costs of Early Childhood Education (ECE). Find out more:

We work collaboratively across 8 business groups, sharing information and combining skills and knowledge to improve outcomes for our customers and government.

Customer and Compliance Services - Individuals | Ratonga Kiritaki me te Tautukunga - Takitahi

Our people in this group make tax compliance simpler by giving advice and support to individuals, families, tax agents and micro-business customers, including not-for-profit organisations. The ‘Right from the Start’ approach means they assist our customers to get their interactions right, intervene early when they’re getting it wrong and take action when people choose not to do the right thing. This helps ensure everyone pays and receives the right entitlements.

Customer and Compliance Services - Business | Ratonga Kiritaki me te Tautukunga - Pakihi

This group provides certainty and accuracy around complex and global tax compliance arrangements for small-to-medium-sized enterprises and significant enterprises.

The group connects with a range of business and delivery partners, representative bodies, government and international agencies to deliver joined-up services and reduce costs to customers and government. It also uses a ‘Right from the Start' approach including providing assurance to customers on significant tax issues and large-scale transactions. Like Individuals, it assists our customers to get their interactions right, intervenes early when they’re getting it wrong and takes action when businesses choose not to do the right thing.

This group also provides tax technical and legal support to Inland Revenue.

Information and Intelligence Services | Ratonga Pārongo me te Mōhiotanga

Information and Intelligence Services helps Inland Revenue keep the customer at the heart of everything we do.

The group uses data insights and intelligence to help understand and influence customer behaviour.

Tax Counsel Office | Te Tari o te Rōia Tāke

The Tax Counsel Office provides technical advice about the interpretation and application of tax law for Inland Revenue and our customers.

Policy and Regulatory Stewardship | Kaupapa me te Tiaki Waeture

Policy and Regulatory Stewardship provides policy advice to the Government. This group represents New Zealand overseas on tax policy-related issues and negotiates and maintains New Zealand’s network of tax treaties with other countries. It also drafts most tax legislation and supports the passage of proposed changes through Parliament.

Transformation | Huringa

This group ensures our transformation is implemented successfully. This includes delivery of solutions, services, and benefit enablers, managing costs within the approved funding and meeting committed timeframes. It manages robust change processes to ensure stakeholders’ needs are met and supports stakeholders to adopt new systems and processes.

Enterprise Design and Integrity | Hinonga Hoahoa me te Tika

Enterprise Design and Integrity develops our strategic direction and provides advice and guidance to ensure we achieve the outcomes intended. It helps integrate Inland Revenue’s planning, prioritisation, performance reporting and investment management activity.

Enterprise Services | Ratonga Hinonga

Enterprise Services supports our people to operate efficiently, effectively and safely, by providing seamless, integrated end-to-end services.

Last updated: 01 Nov 2021
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