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Services for Customers multi-category appropriation (MCA)

The target for the measure ‘percentage of returns filed by customers on time' has been increased from 90% to 95%. Results have been steadily increasing year on year over the last 4 years, from 85.2% in 2018–19 to 96.2% in 2022–23.

Services for Customers MCA: Services to Ministers and to Inform the Public About Entitlements and Meeting Obligations category

We consolidated 6 timeliness measures for public items, adjudications and rulings into an overarching measure to address the imbalance with our broader suite of measures. The new measure is ‘percentage of public items, adjudication cases, taxpayer rulings and short process rulings completed within agreed time-frames (target 90%).

Services for Customers appropriation: Services to Process Obligations and Entitlements category

The target for the ‘average cost of processing income tax returns, GST returns and employment information’ measure has been stretched from $2.50 or less to $1.75 or less to reflect the service delivery cost-efficiencies realised through our transformation programme.

The timeliness measures for initial Working for Families Tax Credits (WFFTC) payments and paid parental leave (PPL) payments have been retired. These payments are activated automatically once the registration is completed. Therefore, the registration process determines payment timeliness for these products. This is covered by the measure ‘percentage of tax and social policy registrations processed within 5 working days’, of which both WFFTCs and PPL payments are components. Therefore, we have retired:

  • Percentage of Working for Families Tax Credit payments made on the first regular payment date following an application, and
  • Percentage of paid parental leave payments issued to customers on the first payday following the agreed date of entitlement.

We have retired the measure ‘percentage of donation tax credit (DTC) claims processed within 3 weeks’. We process customers’ DTC claims as they are submitted during the year. While it is important that we continue to manage the timely processing of these claims throughout the year, there is no impact on customers as legislation requires that we cannot pay any donation tax refund to the customer until after the end of the tax year. A refund automatically happens once we are assured there is sufficient income for the tax credit to be paid.

We have retired the measure ‘percentage of child support administrative review decisions issued within 7 weeks’. The measure represents very low volumes in the broader context of child support and Te Tari Taake, Inland Revenue activity.

Services for Customers MCA: Investigations category

In 2022–23, we introduced a new measure that represents our end-to-end compliance activities: ‘the identified value of compliance activities over associated costs’. 2022–23 was a baseline year. The target for 2023–24 has been set at $10.00.

We have retired the measure ‘percentage of audited customers who are satisfied with their experience’. The measure relies on survey information from audited customers, and there are challenges to get sufficient responses from customers for this stand-alone survey. We are looking at ways to gather customer feedback on their audit experience as part of our wider enterprise customer survey programme and how we broaden to capture experiences of other compliance interventions. A new survey approach and measure will be available for 2024–25.

Last updated: 18 Dec 2023
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