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Our focus this year was on maintaining the integrity of the tax and social policy system and supporting customers adversely affected by weather events and economic conditions.

Our outcomes

Our performance towards our outcomes has remained relatively steady.

Performance trend Performance highlight
Improved Assessed tax revenue of $104.5 billion was 3.9% higher than in 2021–22. The increase is mainly due to stronger source deductions, resident withholding tax on interest income and GST.
Improved The cost to collect $100 of tax revenue has decreased from 80 cents in 2015 to 43 cents in 2023. This reduction reflects considerable growth in revenue over this time, and to a lesser degree the efficiencies gained from higher levels of automation and straight-through processes that lower effort for customers and us.
Achieved We set up and paid out Cost of Living Payments. As at 3 July 2023, we have made 4.91 million payments totalling $573 million.
Stable or minimal change The accuracy of our Working for Families Tax Credits (WfFTC) assessments remains steady. For those customers that received their payments during the year, two-thirds received within 20% of their entitlement, similar levels to the previous 3 years. Remaining customers receive their full entitlements following the finalisation of their annual income tax assessments.
Improved Businesses rated their experience with us higher in 2023 than last year in the Better for Business survey.
Achieved We worked with a number of agencies to provide relief and support to customers affected by the cyclones in early 2023.

Customer outcomes

Our performance against our customer outcomes reflects the challenges customers have faced during the year.

Performance trend Performance highlight
Stable or minimal change Customers’ perceptions of ease when dealing with us, and their satisfaction with their interactions remained stable this year.
Declined Trust in Te Tari Taake Inland Revenue dropped 3 percentage points in 2022–23. We know our customers’ direct experiences with us influence their trust in us, and it was sometimes challenging for customers to interact with us this year.
Improved Significantly more people are now using our digital channels. Over the last 6 years, myIR user sessions have increased from 17 million to 70 million, and website sessions have increased from 29 million to 53 million.

Our services

Our performance in delivering services to our customers and government reflects our focus on maintaining the integrity of the tax and social policy system and supporting customers who were adversely affected by weather events and economic conditions.

Performance trend Performance highlight
Improved We achieved 29 out of 36, or 81%, of our output performance measures this year. This is an increase from 2021–22, when we achieved 30 out of 42, or 71%, of our output measures.

Our organisational health

Our performance against our organisational health reflects the work we have done to strengthen our people, supplier and workplace approaches to embed our culture and diver positive outcomes. More information is in the organisational capability section here.

About us

Performance trend Performance highlight
Improved Regular checks with our people show that on average 65% of survey respondents rated their wellbeing as ‘good’ or ‘very good’ (up from 62% in June 2022) and 73% felt ‘good’ or ‘very good’ about their day-to-day work experience (up from 65% in June 2022).
Improved We emitted 2,848 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. While this is a 27% increase on the previous year, it is 55% lower than our 2018-19 base year.
Improved Results for most of our asset performance indicators improved this year.
Improved Over 96% of domestic invoices were paid within 10 working days, a small increase on last year and above the target of 95%.

Key statistics

  • $104.5 billion of tax revenue to help fund government programmes.
  • Along with MSD, we distributed a net $2.97 billion in Working for Families Tax Credits entitlements to support working families.
  • We distributed $573 million in Cost of Living Payments.
  • We completed 1.6 million items of correspondence.
  • We answered 1.3 million calls.
  • We identified or assured $973 million in revenue through our interventions.
Last updated: 18 Dec 2023
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