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Charitable organisations Ngā rōpū kaupapa atawhai

Registration of charities

Charities Services

Charities Services (established under the Charities Act 2005) has two main functions:

  • to provide education and support to the charitable sector, and
  • to register and monitor charitable entities that wish to obtain income tax exempt status.

Sports organisations and other non-profit bodies that have tax exemptions for reasons other than charitable purposes are not covered by the Charities Act 2005.

Registering with Charities Services

Charity Services maintains a register of charitable entities. Registration is voluntary but a charity needs to be registered by Charities Services to qualify for the following tax benefits:

  • exemption from income tax
  • gifts to the charity exempt from gift duty (for gifts made before 1 October 2011)
  • donee status from 1 April 2020.

Go to the Charities Services website to register.