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Te puta atu i a KiwiSaver Opting out of KiwiSaver

The process of leaving KiwiSaver.
Anyone who wants to leave KiwiSaver after being automatically enrolled.
Between week 2 and 8 after being enrolled

If you’ve been automatically enrolled but do not want to be a KiwiSaver member you can opt out.

You can opt out between the end of week 2 and week 8 of starting work. That is on or after day 14 and on or before day 56.

If you do not opt out, you will stay in KiwiSaver and your employer will continue to deduct contributions from your pay.

If you've been in KiwiSaver for over 8 weeks

We may accept late opt outs after 8 weeks and up to 3 months after we get your first contribution if:

  • your employer did not give you a KiwiSaver employee information pack - KS3 within 7 days of you starting your job
  • we did not send you a product disclosure statement for the default KiwiSaver scheme we allocated you to
  • your employer did not give you a product disclosure statement for their chosen KiwiSaver scheme
  • events outside your control meant you could not deliver your opt out notice on time
  • you should not have been automatically enrolled.

If you are under 19 years of age

You may be able to opt out if:

  • your employer incorrectly enrolled you before you turned 18
  • you were incorrectly enrolled and didn’t have your guardians' consent to join KiwiSaver
  • you are under 16 and you want to opt out. Your guardian must agree.

You may not be able to opt out if:

  • you contacted a provider and chose your own investment scheme
  • your guardians signed you up for KiwiSaver or gave consent for you to join
  • you opted in directly after you turned 18.

If you joined directly with a provider

If you joined directly with a KiwiSaver provider you cannot opt out, but you might be able to take a savings suspension.

Last updated: 02 Jul 2021
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