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If you want someone to act on your behalf for your own personal account, you must set them up as a nominated person.

If you want someone to act on behalf of your company, trust, estate, partnership or other non individual account, they can only be nominated by a:

  • company director
  • trustee or estate administrator
  • executive office holder
  • partner of a partnership.

Gather your information

You will need:

  • a myIR account
  • the name, IRD number and contact information for the person you're nominating.

Go to Manage associated accounts/parties

You will find this by selecting the More button beside I want to.

Select Add a nominated person

Fill out the required details and select the account types you want to be managed.

You will be able to review your details before submitting.

What happens next

Some nominated person applications take time to process. You will be able to track the progress on your Submitted tab in myIR.

We will email to let you know when your nominated person claims access to your account.

To remove access for your nominated person, edit your relationships in ‘Manage associated accounts/parties’.

My responsibilities

If you nominate someone to act on your behalf, it does not change your obligations. You still need to file returns and make payments on time.

You need to let us know if you no longer want someone to be your nominated person, otherwise they'll still have access to your information.